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Why the BlackBerry “Knight” P’9981 might just sell in the Middle East

In a day and age where most mobile smartphones all look like the same with a big screen and Samsung and Apple are fighting in the courts, the the BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981 differentiates itself from the crowd with a risk taking innovative design. 

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time in DBX (Dubai International Airport) and I finally understood the BlackBerry “Knight" Porsche product.  From a North American centric viewpoint the product did not make any sense to me — after all, who in the right mind is going to buy a $2000 repackaged Bold 9900? 

After my short visit in Dubai, I think the phone might just work.  Not too mention nearly all the locals I saw had a BlackBerry phone and were on BBM. 

Here are some shots from Dubai International Airport:

Porsche Design:

The Vertu booth.  This Vertu cost $14,874USD or you can have the phone on the right for only $17,302USD

Maybe you have some extra pocket change — why not go for the Vertu Signature series which are in the $33k+ range. 

My conclusion after this layover in Dubai:

1. There is a marked difference between the North American affluent and Arab affluent target market segment. 

2. BBM and the BlackBerry brand is wildly popular in the middle east. 

3. The Porsche Design BlackBerry P’9981 is a bargain at $2000 when compared to other luxury brands like Vertu. 

In terms of technology - Vertu phones don’t do much, but are simply expensive pieces of jewellery.  At least the Porsche BlackBerry will have BBM and carry the Porsche branding. 

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